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What is Gofabby?

Gofabby is a free, simple, easy to use classified website. It allows users to search and post their ads such as products, services, properties, jobs, business, events, and topics in community and forum. Gofabby has its unique feature where users can post their offers and requirements for swapping or exchanging under the Barter/Swap menu. Gofabby will surely help you in various ways and opportunities. 

What is FabbyChat?

FabbyChat is a chat messenger that will allow you to chat with people all over the world. Using FabbyChat, you can add friends or block friends. You can add friend by sending or approving any friend request Once a user is your friend, you can start private chatting or messaging. Otherwise, you can always use the General or public chat which is always available to all pages of the site and visible to all site user. FabbyChat is privately owned and operated by A4M General Trading LLC.

What is FabbyPages?

FabbyPages is your pages that allows you to be more visible to the online community and even connect with them. Using FabbyPages you can create your personal, business, organization, community, or industry page. FabbyPages dashboard can be found on My Account section. Publish your page now and share the personalized link to your friends. Start connecting with local and global businesses. By setting up your fabbypages account in Gofabby.com, same details will be shown in Fabbypages.com. You can access Fabbypages.com by using the same Gofabby username and password.

What is FabbyGroup One Account for all?

FabbyPages.com, FabbyPromotions.com, Gofabby.com and other websites or collectively FabbyGroup of sites is privately owned and operated by A4m General trading LLC. If you registered to any of this site, the Account/credentials you are using can also be used in all of the other sites. Once Account for all of the five websites.

Do I have to register to use Gofabby?

Registration is necessary before you can post your ad/s, otherwise, browsing the whole site can be done without any registration. After registration, you must need to activate your account. You can do this by clicking the activation link in the activation email. Activation email will be sent to the email that you used while registering. Registration to this site will ALWAYS BE FREE and the process is very simple and easy.

1. Click on My Account and click on "Sign Up here" 

2. Fill out the form and hit Register button

3. Gofabby will send you an activation link in your email address. Once you activate your account, you are now part of the fastest growing community classified website. 

But I'm not going to post an ad, I only want to list my business.

Currently, there is no personal or business, nor free or premium account in Gofabby. If you only wish to add your business in our business directory, you still have to register, and registration process will be the same. 

How much does it cost to post an ad?

Gofabby is a free service and does not charge users any fees to post an ad. Uploading image/s is also cost free. 

How do I post my ad?

Logged in or not, you will see a red button across the top "Place an Ad". You may also place an ad by going to "My Account". You can place ads in classifieds, barter, properties, jobs, list your company/business, post an event, or start a topic in the forum and community. Such menus are also visible on the upper corner of the website. Posting ads in these different menus has a standard process so users wouldn't be confused: 

1. Select Location - It would ask you which country, state and city where you want to post your ad. 

2. Select Category - Provide the correct category and subcategory so browsers will find you easily. 

3. Enter Ad details - Provide all the information needed if possible, otherwise, provide only the mandatory fields. Use a catchy ad title and upload appropriate images, doing this means better response. 

4. Submit Ad - Please allow Gofabby at least 4 hours to approve your ad, although Pending/Unapproved ads will still be visible in the website. Gofabby has the right to reject ads that did not meet its Terms and Conditions. Each ad that were submitted, approved or rejected, an email will be sent informing the user/owner. 

When will my ad expire?

Currently, Ads do not expire in Gofabby, but we had given you the right to delete your own ad. Once you have deleted it, your ad will be no longer visible throughout the website.

How many ads can i post?


How do I manage my ads ?

You can track the status of your ad by going to My Accounts -> My Ads. For each category you can see the numbers corresponding to the approved, rejected or expired ads. Clicking on these tabs and respective ad you can edit, delete or repost again.

I can't find my ad/ business listing.

Gofabby sends the link of the approved ad via email. In any event that you no longer have the link and you only remember the title, there are few reasons that you cannot find it:

1. Gofabby as mentioned in Terms and Conditions, have the right to move your ad in the proper category. Ads that are placed in the wrong category, purposely or mistakenly, will be moved in the right category and subcategory.

2. Gofabby as mentioned in Terms and Conditions, have the right to edit your ad's title, but limited to removing of, website links in the title, words of profanity, obscene words and jesting, and other abusive words alike.

3. Gofabby as mentioned in Terms and Conditions, have the right to delete ads without prior notification. Such ads that falls under spamming, ads related to illegal drugs & drug paraphernalia, destructive devices and explosives, pornography, stolen property, all illegal products and services.

4. Business Listing is not approved yet.

How can I increase the traffic of my ad?

Aside from Gofabby's members and visitors, we provide you various ways to increase your ad's traffic.

1. You can share your ad to different major networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, etc. Just go to the page of your ad, and click the small icons that represents the networking sites where you want to share your ad. It will automatically share this using networking site account.

2. Be an Active member, you can do this by being an active and loyal Gofabby user. Your profile pic will be shown across the top. Once clicked, your profile and and so are the ads you posted will be shown.

3. Currently, featured ads in Gofabby are free of charge. This is another way to increase your traffic.

4. Using of chatbox, another Gofabby unique feature. Every day, every hour, many visitors and registered users visits gofabby on a regular basis, chatting with the people online or simply posting the link of your ad in the chat box will double your chances of getting a viewer or potential buyer in your ad.

5. Gofabby's own facebook account. Gofabby will help you in increasing your traffic and of course selling your product and service. With thousands of users who likes gofabby and thousand friend it has worldwide, and still counting, we will be more than happy to help you advertising your ad. Every 30 minutes, Gofabby randomly selects 5 ads that it will be posted on Gofabby's facebook page, directly to others facebook page.

6. Gofabby's twitter has thousands of followers worldwide, and still counting, every 30 minutes, Gofabby randomly selects 10 ads to share it as tweets. By doing this, it can maximize the chances of selling your ad/service.

How do I search for a particular ad?

Using the advanced search which is visible in all pages, you can search any ad under any category. Search is on the upper left corner of every page.

I don't feel safe putting any of my contact numbers, how will they contact me?

We totally understand you. It's your personal disgretion whether you'll put any of your contact number/s or even email address. Gofabby provides contact form to the people who might be interested to your ad and will be sending inquiries. Gofabby protects and secures vital information that only you will decide whether you will disclose it or not. If you are online, potential buyers may even chat with you. Our system will track and show if you are online.

How can I avoid to be a victim of scam?

GoFabby.com does not guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the ads. Please be mindful when dealing online, as much as possible, do the deal in person and do it in public. But since Gofabby is available in all countries, you might be having international buyers. We strongly suggest taking the following measure to protect and prevent yourself to fall in any sort of scam that scam. Limit personal information that you give. At any cost, never send any of your financial information to any individual or 3rd party, until you are satisfied with their credibility

In any event that you have to do the transaction not by cash, use a payment method with fraud protection and will able you to track your shipment.

How would I know if it's a scam?

A. Everyday, millions gets online and thousands are successfully connected through Gofabby. Like the real world, many are genuine and so are the posers and fakes. There are a lot of scams that are happening online, and sadly, scammers have their own "convincing" scam. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. You may spot scammer if they will:

• Ask you to wire money into on International account. Seller may ask you to send payment overseas and will only accept Western Union or another money transfer.

• Will not send additional pictures that you asked for.

• List an address that is different from the address on their item detail page.

• Recommend an unfamiliar escrow or payment service.

• Not be up front about the authenticity of items for sale.

• Will not provide you a verifiable telephone number.

• Will make elaborate excuses why they can't meet you in person.

• Try to convince you not to use payment services which offer protection (accepted services are those like Escrow.com & PayPal).

• Will repeatedly not answer phone calls or email.

• Continuously provide excuses about why you haven't received an item.

• Refuse to give you a working shipment tracking number.

• Sell an expensive popular item at a suspiciously low price.

• Will create a sense of urgency, pressuring you to finish the transaction fast.

I believe this ad is a scam

If you come across anything in Gofabby that you think is fraud, scam, illegal, inappropriate or just plain suspicious, please do not hesitate to report on us. It is easy. In every ad published in the website, it has "Report this Ad" link, just click on it, and Gofabby Team will look closely to it and respond as quickly as possible. We assure you that such offenders will be prevented from using this site again.If you’ve been a victim of crime, the first thing to do is to report it to the police. We can’t report a criminal offence to the police on your behalf, but we always assist the police in their investigations once you’ve reported it.

How to Register an Account?

1. Click on "Account" on the upper right corner of the page, then click on "Sign Up Here".

2. Fill out the Registration form.

3. Sign in to ur email account and click on the Activation link.

4. You are now registered, go ahead and sign in. 

How to Update My Account/Profile?

1. Once signed in, Click on "Account" on the upper right corner of the page 

2. Click on "My Profile" tab, edit as needed

3. You may also change your password by clicking on "Change Password" tab

How to Post a Barter Ad

1. Click on "Place an Ad" on the top, then click on "Barter/Swap". 

2. Be sure to choose the right category of the product that you are offering before filling out the form. 

3. In order to help us match your product, you must link at least one item to the product that you are offering.

4. If you are looking for an specific product for the exchange, click on "Save and Post New Seeking Item" button. Go ahead and fill out the form of the product that you are looking for in exchange for the product that you are offering, finally click on "Post Now" button. Otherwise, just click on "Save and Post Make an Offer", so your ad will be posted, and people will randomly make an offer for an exchange with their product to the product you have listed. 

How Do I List Company/ Organization?

1. Click on "Place an Ad" on the top, then click on "Directory"

2. Be sure to select the right location and sector/industry of the business that you want to list 

3. Fill out the form and upload appropriate company logo before clicking "Confirm" button. 

4. Allow us to manually check the business details for approval. 

How Do I Post a Property?

1. Click on "Place an Ad" on the top, then click on "Property". 

2. Select the proper category and Fill out the rest of the form. 

3. Don't forget to checked the "I agree to the gofabby.com Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions" box before hitting the "Confirm" button. 

How Do I Post a Topic in Forum?

1. Click on "Place an Ad" on the top, then click on "Forum". 

2. Fill out the form. 

3. Don't forget to checked the "I agree to the gofabby.com Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions" box before clicking the "Post Topic" button.

How Do I Post a Job?

1. Click on "Place an Ad" on the top, then click on "Job". 

2. Fill out the form correctly, click on "Post Job" button. 

How Do I Post Ad in Community?

1. Click on "Place an Ad" on the top, then click on "Community". 

2. After filling out the form, click on "Confirm" button. 

How Do I Post an Event?

1. Click on "Place an Ad" on the top, then click on "Event". 

2. After filling out the form, click on "Confirm" button. 

How Do I View my Ads?

1. Once signed in, Click on "Account" on the upper right corner of the page

2. Click on "My Ads" 

3. Select the category of the Ad you wish to view.

How Do I Edit or Delete My Ad?

1. Once signed in, Click on "Account" on the upper right corner of the page

2. Click on "My Ads" 

3. Select the category of the Ad you wish to view.

4. Select under which status the ad is

5. Select the ad and edit/delete

How do I Reply an Ad?

1. Click the ad that you wish to reply. 

2. At the ad's page, click on "Reply" button. 

3. Fill out the reply form then click "Submit". 

How Do I Report an Ad?

1. Click the ad that you wish to report 

2. At the ad's page, click on "Report this Ad" 

3. Select the reason of reporting the ad

4. Add any additional message, otherwise, click on "Submit" button